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Permanent Exhibits Include the following

"Nova Scotia Clock Collection"
"Recreated General Store"
"Recreated Classroom"
"Rusty Nail Collection"

As a year-round community museum, we offer a variety of exhibits and have on hand a very diverse collection of artifacts from household items to farm equipment. The following are the largest.

Clock Collection - Over 150 antique clocks and watches on permanent exhibit from the Nova Scotia Museum. These objects were collected by the late Norman Phinney and sold to the Nova Scotia Museum with the understanding that they be displayed in the Middleton area.

Rusty Nail Collection - This collection consists of over 500 items assembled and catalogued by the students of Middleton Regional Junior High School history teacher, Mrs. Leonie Cumming, who began teaching at the school in 1949. Housed first at the high school, the collection moved to the museum in 1980 and is an integral part of its collection. 

Archives - The library contains many sources for those seeking their family roots or just wanting to do research on local subjects. Contains information on, but not limited to, Annapolis County families and local communities.

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