Site Manual


Online presence/directories:

  • add museum to linkedin
  • signup – free account as a museum
  • fix ns tourism listing:
  • signup for twitter

Other stuff:

  • setup lastpass
  • retake book & map cover photos
  • enter credit card info in hosting account (to ensure auto renewals)


  • bonnie: take some wordpress tutorials (see Help/Tutorials tab)


  • take advantage of newsletter plugin
  • integrate event module with facebook, tap into other capabilities


update citations

  • Google Search Console (must be logged into your gmail account to access)
  • Custom SEO Reports: includes reports on Rankings, Ratings/Reviews, Google My Business, Local Search Audit (large report), Google Analytics, and Social (Facebook, etc)

Legend: DA = domain authority; ranking from 1-100 (higher is better)

brightlocal citation campaign login:


  • Your domains are registered through
  • (main) – www. version redirects to main
  • (short domain) – not in use yet



The current hosting package is with $15/first year, approx $120/year subsequent.



Email accounts:

  • museum main account  (forwarder:
  • reception desk account (forwarder:
  • library account (forwarder:
  • admin account (webmaster-related)


This site uses a WordPress theme by Betheme.

Some quick tips:

  • Most of the theme-specific options can be found in the dashboard menu under BeTheme Options. Settings include the logo, google map api key, favicon, and topbar info. DON’T fill in the Google analytics setting – it’s handled in the All in One Seo settings.
  • Custom CSS for the site is set globally in the Betheme options, NOT in the Appearance > Customize section.
  • Sitewide security: provided by the plugin Wordfence Security. Check the stats/reports in wordfence regularly, to spot potential suspicious activity so that you can take appropriate steps to counteract threats.
  • User role permissions: plugins are installed that let you restrict the appearance of certain nav menu items to logged in users, as well as letting you make pages or posts accessible to admins and editors only.

Page speed is greatly enhanced through the use of the plugin WP Fastest Cache.

IMPORTANT: make sure you:

  • clear the cache whenever you make a content change other than a specific post or page (eg., if you change a content block).
  • have the “Don’t show the cached version for logged-in users” option turned on.

Regular site backups are automatically done by the plugin UpdraftPlus. The default schedule is monthly, but you can change the frequency in the plugin’s settings. You can also do a manually triggered backup at any time.

Backups are stored in the site’s free 2Gb Dropbox account.

  • Check updates: ensure that WordPress and plugins have all been updated to their latest versions where possible. If there is a major WordPress update, it’s always a good idea to do a manually triggered full site backup first.
  • Check Security Logs: if there’s been a site hack attempt, likely you’ll be alerted shortly after it happens, but it never hurts to doa monthly overview just to be on the safe side.
  • Check Google Search console stats: especially check Google’s “page not found” and other problem-identifying stats. If there’s broken stuff on your site, you’ll want to fix it.
  • Do an overview check of traffic/analytics reports: the goal is to spot any problem issues before they can have a long term negative impact.
  • Hosting/domain credit card on file: if you’re using autorenew, make sure the cc hasn’t expired, and that it’s still a valid card
  • Clear old backups: delete older site backups from the dropbox account. If you want to be extra safe, download and archive thhe ones you want to delete BEFORE removing them from the cloud.
  • Optimize the database: you can do this through your webhosting cpanel, via phpMyAdmin.
  • Clean up Gmail (client): recommend to the client that they go through their inbox and sent folders, and move any that they want to keep to their appropriate archive folders (make categorized folders in gmail as needed). Delete any that are no longer needed. The goal is to try and start out the new year with a relatively organized email account.
  • Vigorous analysis of traffic reports/analytics, etc. – get some qualified expertise to review the year’s data, and make a todo list of things to carry out in the new year to address weaknesses, and build on existing strengths.

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